Who We Are

We’re a group of like-minded individuals  brought together by a shared pursuit:

Bringing our community good times and

Well Made Beer.

Chris came up with the ridiculous idea to open a brewpub sometime after his second child was born in 2014. His life was far too easy being married with two kids in diapers and co-owning two other restaurants, so he had the crazy notion that he would enjoy starting a new project, creating jobs and giving back to the community. That idea came to life and Well 80 officially opened on March 19, 2018.

Paul brews all the Well 80 beers you love! He is one handsome man, and if you ever walk through our brewery and Paul is blasting the record player, that’s a good indication he’s brewing. He’s been working in craft breweries since 2005! His unparalleled technical knowledge of brewing is surpassed only by the passion with which he pursues the perfect pint. That and his undying devotion to his new puppy Buzz.

Awesome beer needs awesome food. That’s where Chris comes in. He brings a wealth of experience and cooking savvy to the Well 80 kitchen. When not slicing and dicing, Chris loves to farm and he hopes to one day own and operate his own. He has been an advocate for supporting small business and sources many local, fresh, and organic ingredients for Well 80! You’ll often see him filling up big tubs of beer behind the bar, then heading back to the kitchen to cook out brats with! We think.

Donnie is a lover of biking, exploring, and spreading positive energy. He has been with Well 80 since the beginning. Like, the week we opened. That longevity is due to hard work, loyalty, and an adept ability to run things smoothly. That and he’s loves himself a cold one. We must warn you though..He don’t know karate, but he know ka-razy! Fun fact: back in the day his wife designed our kids menus!

Rebecca graduated from Western Washington University in 2019 and quickly began her career in the marketing field. If you don’t see her delivering beer to your favorite establishments, you can catch her serving tables on Saturday nights! Rebecca considers herself an amateur explorer of the world and you can catch her most days enjoying the PNW. If you see the Well 80 van driving by, chances are it’s Rebecca, and our best advice is to get the hell out of the way as quickly as possible!